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RotBTD / SnK(Attack on Titan) AU!

Rise of the Titans chapter 9 is FINALLY up gfjdalkgjafdg sorry about the delay

Read chapter 9 here.

Summary: I don’t wanna spoil anything so I’ll just say this; pray for your favorite characters.


Previous chapters:
1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8

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double otp whadduuuupp
non gif version (x)


double otp whadduuuupp

non gif version (x)

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what’s that? i’m finally writing chapter 9 of rott? heck yes

and why not add the perfect bg music while i’m writing

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AU where kristoff is still an ice harvester and he is cutting up some ice on a lake and then he almost hit something under the ice and wants to know wth it was so he eventually gets it out of the water and its jack frost and kristoff freaks out bc he just found a dead body and then jack wakes up and gasps for air and then notices kristoff and is just like

Jack: wtf

and kristoff wouldn’t be saying anything but he would have the most horrific face and i can imagine in his head all that’s going on is

Kirstoff: #wtf #wtf#wtf#wtf#wtf#wtf

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”I’m telling you, this is where I belong!”

”You belong in the back of the pack!”

”I mean racing. The best man wins. No other rules. Nobody telling you what to do…”

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anna + her cute little shurg

requested by: anonymous

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hur hur hur, it’s been a while since my last hogwarts AU artworkstillnotimprovingmuchinanatomyandfolds


hur hur hur, it’s been a while since my last hogwarts AU artwork

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roseann-jones sent: In your Modern Youtube AU, I'm sure that Rapunzel is based on Zoella :3

Yep, exactly!

The whole ombre hair thing was a total coincidence, though. Ahaha.

I couldn’t decide if I wanted to do her brown hair or blonde hair so I was like “u know what im gonna do both”
And then I remembered Zoella’s hair is like that so I was like “well it all works out then” haha oops

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RotBTFD Modern YouTube!AU

Wooo more fanfic.
Okay so the title pretty much explains it. I saw this post on my dash and suddenly needed to write a RotBTD (which turned into a RotBTFD) YouTube!AU.

Like always with my fanfics, I talked with Lexi about it for a few hours and we thought of some plots and stuff that we think would be really cute. So this will be an ongoing fanfic.

okok onto the important stuff

AU: Modern YouTube AU
Pairings: Kristanna, Jackunzel, Mericcup, Axelsa
Summary: it’s a youtube au and personal events. i’m really bad at summaries im so sorry.

Read Chapter 1 Here on FF.net

I will update this later with a link for it to AO3 as well once I upload it there

Please please give me some reviews and tell me if I should continue it or not!

Also, each of The Big Four characters (Jack, Hiccup, Rapunzel, & Merida) are some-what based after our own YouTubers. Can you guess who is based after who?

some will take a bit more screen time to guess it correctly

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AU where Rapunzel, Merida, and Hiccup have sixth senses.